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1. Selective High School Choices
Test & Marks Assessment | Selective Trial | Selective Trial Online
English , Writing ,
Mathematics , General Ability
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1st Round
2nd Round
2. Guideline for Selective High School Choices
  • Entry into Selective High Schools in Year 7 is determined by the students’ results in the Selective High School Placement Tests in English (including Reading & Writing), Mathematics and General Ability together with their primary school’s assessment of their performance in English and Mathematics.

    For the purpose of consultation on school choices, CS Education Selective High School Choice Guideline has been carefully formulated based on the following statistics & information.

    1. CS Education Trial Tests scores

    2. CS Education Assessment Tests scores including CS Class Tests or Diagnostic tests. The scores for all these tests may vary as level of difficulty for such assessment is different. Selective Trial Test marks are the most difficult to score.

    3. CS Online Trial Tests

    4. Analysis of past students’ records which include CS Education Selective Trial Test scores & actual scores in the Selective High School Placement Test.

    5. First round offer scores reflect only the minimum marks for students’ school choices. The scores are derived from our past students. First round scores are not released by the Department of Education & Training. Our students’ Selective Trial Test scores are generally lower compared to the actual Selective High School marks

    -For example: *240 marks actual test / about 230 in CS Trial test *CS Class tests/diagnostic tests marks are usually higher than actual scores or CS Trial Tests: approximately 255 marks *CS Online Trial Test scores are almost similar to the actual scores.

    6. Second round cut-off scores are the minimum marks for students on reserved list who finally made it into a selective school. This should not be used as indication of the actual mark when making school choices.

    Disclaimer Clause: Information provided is for the purpose of CS Education Consultation with parents. CS Education cannot accept liability for any repercussions from the use of this information.
    3. Consultaion
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